We have been manufacturing, building and repairing severe duty ag components since 2003.


Forage harvesters—commonly called choppers—transfer up to 1,100 horsepower through V-belts, so belt drive slippage and wear problems can be frustrating and expensive.

V-belt drives are designed to slip—if they have to. However, unnecessary slippage causes serious problems for machine operation, including:

  • Premature wear of the belts and sheaves
  • Excessive heat build-up in bearings and gear boxes
  • Loss of power transfer resulting in lowered production
  • Fuel waste

Thankfully, EIC has the answer for slippage problems. We have rebuilt hundreds of sheaves for choppers throughout North America using Vulcan Grip®, our micro-texturing technology that dramatically improves power and is guaranteed to never wear out.

If you’re considering replacing your worn chopper pulleys, we can probably save you money over buying from the dealer. Request our chopper pulley machining and treatment pricing by contacting us today.

Vulcan Grip comes with a Forever Warranty, which you can view here.

Pulleys coated with Vulcan Grip are proven to reduce heat & fuel consumption, improving efficiency and productivity, while slashing maintenance costs.

Did you know:

Even an 8% belt slip rate reduces equipment power by over 19%?

Vulcan Grip cuts fuel consumption for the average forage harvester by 20-50 gallons per day?

"Jon, Vulcan Grip saved my bacon!"
Bill Snyder
Farm Manager, Threemile Canyon Farms

Bill Snyder is an Oregon farm manager with 22 Double L diggers. He had six of their machines upgraded to Vulcan Grip in 2016.

The high-traction nature of Vulcan Grip allowed them to change the pulley diameters, resulting in a 30% increase in fan power—with no slippage; a feat that would have been impossible without Vulcan Grip.


From improving fan power on potato harvesters to optimizing Air Cup vacuum valves, EIC has supported our potato farm customers since 2005.

Lockwood Air Cup® Potato Planters

RocketValve – Since 2010, we have optimized over 500 Air Cup valves with our RocketValve upgrade. The upgrade package optimizes the vacuum distribution within each valve and throughout the machine, resulting in improved planting precision and dramatically reduced valve wear. To see the RocketValve brochure with testimonials, click here.

Vacuum fans – We began building severe-duty suction fans for the Air Cup in 2012, with some of these fans still in service after 12,000 acres. Our latest generation fan features a duplex polymer coating to resist both erosion and impact.

Vacuum fan pulleys – In 2015 we began improving suction power and eliminating pulley wear on Air Cup fan pulleys with our patented Vulcan Grip® pulley treatment. To learn more about Vulcan Grip, click here.

Potato Diggers

All potato diggers use some sort of blower or suction fan to provide cleaning air, and most of these fans are belt driven. Pulley wear and belt glazing result from slippage, which can dramatically reduce air power available for cleaning.

We have improved available air power and eliminated pulley wear on dozens of diggers using our patented Vulcan Grip® pulley treatment. To learn more about Vulcan Grip, click here.


In the Pacific Northwest, 300 hp, 2500-pound rotovator rotors with solid carbide teeth are used to convert fields of tree stumps into farmland. The violent action of these monster rotors will quickly devastate stumps to a depth of 16” in one pass, but all that violence rapidly wears rotor bodies and components.

We have used state-of-the-art amorphous alloys to rebuild and enhance many of these rotors for the world’s largest in-ground rotovating operation, resulting in at least a 10-fold increase in service life.

Our Services

  • Machining
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Fans/blowers
  • Bearing and seal surface repairs
  • A list of services we provide is available here.

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